Don't run the risk of a data breach

Protect the integrity of your customers' data and business reputation

Despite the potential impact of data breaches, many companies are ignoring the risks. Our IT security experts work closely with our clients to establish the most appropriate level of security.

IT Security

Protect your Reputation with Data Security

The average cost of a data breach for a UK organisation stands at £2 million, but it’s not just your finances at risk; it’s the integrity of your customers’ data and your reputation. Yet, despite the potential impact of IT security breaches, some companies still don’t have even basic security processes and protective measures like firewalls and anti-virus software in place.

Locking Down your IT

The question isn’t whether you can afford to secure your IT; it’s whether you can afford not to?

Our IT security experts work closely with our clients to establish the most appropriate level of security, providing them with integrated security solutions combining firewalls and anti-virus software with 2-factor authentication, load balancing and data encryption.

How secure is your information?

As we probably all know, information security is a broad subject and for many of us understanding the different layers that can help within this spectrum can be at times difficult. Over the years when advising various organisations on the importance of regular vulnerability scanning, conversations would typically suggest that most would adopt some form of security measure including the likes of conducting a yearly manual penetration test, having a web application firewall in place (WAF) or conducting ASV PCI scanning if not a combination of the three, just to highlight a few.

Performing a manual penetration test is important for most organisations, although this is not always easily accessible on a regular basis for various factors. An in-depth penetration test will certainly give you a thorough snapshot of your current vulnerabilities at that moment in time and allow you to make remediations before a hacker can breach any vulnerability that was discovered. However, in between your next penetration test how can you confirm that you do not have a major vulnerability within one of your websites?

We’re offering a FREE vulnerability test on website and web application security.

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