Uninterrupted data centre performance

Keep your data centre running and maintain optimum productivity

As businesses rely more heavily on IT, losing access to your data centre can prove catastrophic. We provide a full range of datacentre solutions, tailoring our options to meet your requirements.

Data Centre Solutions

As more businesses choose cloud-hosted IT solutions such as software-as-a-service,data centres play an increasingly important role in supporting the operational needs of multiple organisations. Data centres continual, uninterrupted running is critical to the organisations that rely on them. Ensuring data centres are kitted out to deliver optimum, uninterrupted service requires an array of solutions, sometimes at short notice, to ensure there’s no downtime.

Enabling Robust Data Centre Services

We provide a full range of data centre solutions, from the basic ‘keeping the lights on’ solutions such as UPS, to hardware storage solutions including server racks and open and patching frames, to data centre environmental control solutions including hot and cold aisle containment. We also provide safety equipment, such as automatic fire extinguishers, and can arrange technical cleaning services to ensure that servers and other data centre equipment is maintained to optimal operating capability.

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