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Tailor made, bespoke IT solutions that boost productivity

Our project management expertise coupled with strong relationships with world-leading IT partners, enable us to deliver bespoke solutions.

Bespoke Projects

Sometimes an off-the-shelf solution won’t meet the specific requirements of your organisation. That’s when you need an IT partner that can provide a customised IT solution.

Unique Requirements Need Bespoke Solutions

When it comes to IT requirements, one size doesn’t fit all. We have a track record of delivering bespoke projects for our clients. Our project management expertise coupled with strong relationships with world-class IT partners, enables us to deliver bespoke solutions that meet your organisation’s needs.

We have delivered bespoke projects across various industries, from hospitals to retail outlets and housebuilders.

Monitor Arms for the Royal London Dental Hospital

We worked with construction company Skanska on the £78 million development project of the Royal London Dental Hospital, which houses the most advanced dental facility in the UK. We supported the project by equipping the hospital’s 112 training rooms with flexible monitor arms. The requirement was bespoke because the monitor arms needed to enable movement of monitors and keyboards to a specific reach – unique to the environment in which they were installed. They also needed to be suitable for a medical environment, so we designed them to facilitate easy cleaning.

Bespoke Wall Cabinets for one of the UK’s Top 3 Toy Retailers

We designed and manufactured bespoke wall-mounted cabinets to house audio equipment for one of the UK’s largest toy retailer. The cabinets were built to specific requirements – which included additional cable entry points and ventilation. Due to the differing layouts of the toy retailer’s 90-plus stores, the size of the cabinets differed from one store to another. We accommodated these requirements and continue to deliver the bespoke cabinets into the stores across the UK.

By choosing a bespoke solution the toy retailer benefited from reduced installation times – because everything could be pre-installed and pre-cabled in the cabinet before being wall mounted. This reduced the time installers needed to be on-site, which in-turn reduced disruption caused by the installation in-store.

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