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Vulnerability testing

To celebrate our new partnership with APPCHECK, we are offering a one off FREE vulnerability assessment on one of your websites or web applications which could highlight a potential weakness that could be exploited by a hacker. APPCHECK currently provide regular vulnerability testing for various industries, working with well known brands globally, public sector bodies and SME organisations.


What Is Vulnerability Scanning And Why Should Organisations Do It?


  • Software designed to assess websites, web applications and infrastructure for vulnerabilities
  • It allows organisations to be pro active in discovering vulnerabilities
  • Gives users remedial advice on discovered vulnerabilities
  • Reduces risk and gives an overview of an organisations threat landscape
  • Helps users to find and fix vulnerabilities before a hacker does


What you need to do to register for a FREE vulnerability assessment?

  • Provide us one of your URLs you would like us to test for vulnerabilities.
  • A date and time you would like us to start the test for you.
  • Nothing else needed and no work required on your end (You can leave the rest for us)!


What to expect?

  • Using APPCHECK¬†we will conduct an in depth of assessment of any vulnerabilities within your website including all of the major OWASP Top 10.
  • An overview of the results found with some advice and a chance for you to ask any questions.
  • A full vulnerability report highlighting exactly what has been found along with the remediations.


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