Get Benefits of the Cloud for Your
On-Premises Workloads

vSphere+ is the multi-cloud workload platform to empower 
your admins, developers, and business decision makers

Get Benefits of the Cloud for Your
On-Premises Workloads
vSphere+ is the multi-cloud workload platform to empower your admins, developers, and business decision makers
Enterprises prefer running many of their workloads in traditional, on-premises data centers for a variety of reasons such as better economics, network bandwidth, latency-sensitivity, data privacy or sovereignty, regulatory compliance and the technical complexities of refactoring and migration. These workloads can be enhanced by cloud services. Businesses need to empower their IT admins, developer teams and their business decision makers to achieve the full benefits of their on-premises.

VMware vSphere+

VMware vSphere+™ addresses many of these needs, paving the way for customers to get the best of both worlds moving forward – a unified and consistent VMware Cloud™ experience for all their workloads, no matter where those workloads run. VMware vSphere+ is the multi-cloud workload platform that brings the benefits of cloud to on-premises workloads. vSphere+ combines industry-leading virtualization technology, an enterprise-ready Kubernetes environment, and high-value cloud services to transform existing on-prem deployments into SaaS-enabled infrastructure that can be purchased through a flexible subscription plan. With vSphere+, IT admins and developers can easily build, run, manage, protect, and secure their traditional and next-gen applications.

Supercharge productivity with admin services

Improve efficiencies by consolidating management and governance with the Cloud Console that enables you to perform tasks in aggregate, across your vSphere estate, to significantly reduce your operational burden. For example, you can quickly understand your resource utilization across your entire vSphere estate, triage areas that need attention, and identify security weaknesses or exposure to ensure your environment is running optimally.

Accelerate innovation with developer services

Transform your existing virtual infrastructure into an enterprise-ready, self-service Kubernetes platform with vSphere+ developer services – Tanzu Kubernetes Grid™ service, Storage service, Network service, Registry Service and VM service. Streamline the deployment and management of local and in-cluster platform services – like logging, monitoring, networking, and storage services – to easily configure and maintain a production-ready Kubernetes environment. You can access a self-service infrastructure through standard Kubernetes commands and APIs that means you spend less time managing and more time innovating. For instance, you can configure an enterprise-grade Kubernetes infrastructure with existing networking and storage within an hour or provision Tanzu Kubernetes clusters within a few minutes using a simple, fast, self-service experience.

Transform on-premises infrastructure with cloud integration

Enable the benefits of the cloud and enhance your existing on-premises deployments in place, without disrupting your workloads. With vSphere+ all your workloads and data remain fully on-premises. If cloud connectivity is lost, only cloud services are impacted – all on-premises vSphere functionality remains unaffected. High-level vSphere management can now be performed from a cloud console, and it’s easy to take advantage of additional VMware SaaS offerings as they become available.

vSphere+ can be purchased as a simple and flexible subscription. With a single SKU, you get all components (vCenters, ESXi hosts), and support. In essence, shift from a capital expense (CapEx) to an operational expense (OpEx) and improve budget management. With a pay as you use model, you avoid large up-front costs – you simply buy the core capacity you need for one or three years and simply pay for any amounts you use that go over.

The Cloud Console

vSphere+ connects all vCenter instances (at your discretion) to VMware Cloud for centralized management. A vCenter cloud gateway is installed on-premises and connects with vCenter to collect the minimal data needed for display within the VMware Cloud Console. Through this Console, you will see your entire vSphere estate and can centrally monitor events, alerts, resource capacity, and identify unaddressed security vulnerabilities. You can also update vCenter instances with a single click, and in just a few minutes, reducing the operational effort and maintenance window required.

Managing both traditional and next-gen workloads

• IT administrators:
Infrastructure silos slow down the desired pace of delivery of infrastructure to Dev Ops teams or LOB. There is also pressure to improve efficiencies to maintain and protect increasingly complex and some cases, multi-vCenter environments separated by geographies.
• Developer teams:
Developer teams spend a significant amount of time on infrastructure operations related to networking and storage for Kubernetes deployments, which takes away time from development.
• Business decision makers
– Inaccessible cloud benefits
– On-premises workloads are not able to leverage hyperscaling, universal access, low maintenance, developer agility, resilience, and flexible consumption benefits offered by public clouds.
– Perpetual licensing complexities and constraints
– Traditional perpetual licensing schemes are not aligned to the needs of the modern business, leading to entitlement gaps or accidental end-user licensing agreement (EULA) compliance violations.

Benefits of vSphere+ Supercharge productivity with admin services

Enhance operational efficiency by centralizing management and governance through the Cloud Console.
Simplify vCenter lifecycle management through cloud-enabled automation and promptly remediate configuration drift.
Easily monitor global inventory, alert status, and security posture, and provision VMs to any vSphere cluster. Accelerate innovation with developer services
Transform existing virtual infrastructure into an enterprise- ready, self-service Kubernetes platform.
Streamline platform management with integrated logging, registry, monitoring, ingress, and more.
Centralize platform operations with a multi-cloud management plane that increases security and governance of your Kubernetes clusters. Transform on-premises infra with cloud integration
Get benefits of the cloud and enhance existing vSphere deployments in place, without disrupting your workloads.
Activate add-on hybrid cloud services that expedite disaster recovery, ransomware protection and capacity planning.
Gain the flexibility of OpEx-based consumption, while improving ROI from existing investments.

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