Counting the cost of Cyber Security….


When we think of Cyber Security, certain events spring straight to mind – most recently TalkTalk, with millions of customer’s personal information being stolen. We are yet to know the full extent of this attack but TalkTalk will already be counting the cost to its reputation. Will existing customers look elsewhere and will they see a decline in new customers using their service? Almost certainly, yes.

Businesses that suffer data breaches not only count the cost financially but also the effects on their reputation. Protecting information, whether held electronically or by other means, is at the core of many companies security planning. Although setting up and maintaining data security systems against the constant threat of attack can seem costly, the threat of that data being stolen and potential to damage a company’s reputation beyond repair is a much, much greater cost.

So, with Cyber Security very much at the forefront of people’s minds, what can be done to protect your business?

Although Internet Hackers have many forms of attack, organisations have just as many forms of defence to protect the data they hold. To name but a few…

Firewall – a network security system that monitors/controls incoming and outgoing traffic based on a set of rules

Antivirus – constantly running in the back ground monitoring potential threats, and warning against harmful files before they have been opened

2 factor Authentication (2FA) – an extra layer of security that not only requires a username and password, but also a piece of information the user only knows or has immediately to hand

Encryption – converting electronic data into another form

Ways to protect your business are constantly evolving in response to new threats. It is important businesses embrace new technologies to protect one of their most important assets, their customer’s data, or find themselves counting the cost, as many have before them.

The question every business needs to ask itself is – can you really afford not to fully protect you and your customers from the threat of an internet security attack?

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