Access the world’s best technology, today – without any up-front IT cost

With our new Tech-as-a-Service option, you can equip your organisation with the most current technology for one low monthly, quarterly or annual subscription price.

Tech-as-a-Service: Transforming the way technology is procured


Tech-as-a-Service allows you to seamlessly and cost-effectively acquire the latest technology solutions to best suit your needs, while providing a simple lower cost alternative to a hefty capital outlay to implement the right technology solutions.


The right technology solutions make you agile and productive, keeping up-to-date, scalable and flexible.


Did you know that outright purchase can be up to 40% more expensive that securing technology on a

Tech-as-a-Service subscription?


Let us demonstrate why more organisations are switching to Tech-as-a-Service to avoid spending working capital on depreciating technology assets and saving a small fortune.


What are the benefits of Tech-as-a-Service?

  • Combine hardware, software, and services into a significantly lower-cost subscription
  • Access the very latest technology without any capital expenditure
  • Optimise IT budgets and simplify highly automated and proactive asset management
  • Reduce complexity and life-cycle management overhead in IT support
  • Simplify billing and realise significant cost savings across all of your technology requirements
  • Secure one manageable P&L line item for everything so that you can budget more predictably