Best Practice in Data Centre Design

We believe our data centre design service is emblematic of best practice in the industry. We start from first principles and work our way through all of your requirements to ensure that the finished article is a product of a detailed workshop, survey and site selection process. Here's how it works: • We start with a requirement workshop. This is where we find out exactly what you expect from your data centre – and, together, we work out what you need. • Then we move onto an ...  Read More

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Efficient Data Centre Design

Data centre design requires a careful balance between many parameters to ensure an efficient use of space, minimize energy usage and maximize versatility to enable changes to be made when necessary. Expert advice from experienced professionals is essential. We are dedicated to the design, build and support of data centers. We do not only provide the services and products that are essential to a data centre at every stage of its life cycle, but we understand how to achieve optimal data centre de...  Read More

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Evaluating A Business’s Data Centre Design

Although for some businesses their data centre design can be completed in a single phase, for many more businesses the development and expansion of their data centre design has been organic. As the needs of the business have changed and developed and their need for data storage has expanded, so too has the need to reassess the data centre design. In some cases the quantity of cool air being piped through to their data centre seems insufficient to keep the servers and other equipment cooled, and...  Read More

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