Wall Mount Cabinets

Soundproof cabinets, also known as acoustic cabinets provide a cost effective option for housing IT equipment, such as servers and network switches, in settings such as general office space, hallways, retail and reception areas.

Having active IT equipment in a modern workplace or public space can generate noise that can cause stress, lower productivity, and negatively affect profits. Unfortunately, in some cases, placing noisy network equipment close to workers or visitors may be inevitable. The expenses or lack of space might make it impossible to create and maintain a separate server room. In such situations, reducing the noise level can significantly improve the working atmosphere, providing optimal comfort, safety, and productivity.
The Keyzone Hush Rack is our flagship soundproof cabinet. Designed and manufactured to reduce the unacceptable levels of noise from servers. It incorporates a 6 way quiet fan tray fitted in the top of the cabinet, acoustic foam and hinged front and rear steel doors with 3 point locking that can be hinged left or right and fully removable steel side panels fitted with 2 camlocks. It’s available in sizes from 9u to 47u and depths of 600mm to 1200mm.
As a result, Hush Rack is a real alternative to building server rooms / closets; since IT equipment like servers and network switches can now be located in general office space. Most alternative acoustic racks are much larger than expected, taking up valuable room space. Some racks cannot be sited with the back close to a wall since they have back-mounted fans. This also means that the rack cannot be placed in a corner, often where most people want it. The Hush Rack doesn’t have any of these limitations – it’s barely no deeper or wider than a standard rack and, due to the ultra-quiet vertical airflow, can be placed in any office corner out of the way.