The rise of the flexible worker…

Technology revolutionised the way we live long ago, anyone and everyone now has a smartphone with the ability to access what they want – when they want. Many businesses are now making the most of this ubiquitous connectivity to allow their employees to work the way they live and extend their office further than they could previously have imagined.

Office 365 has played a huge part in this, allowing workers to take the office with them wherever they go – accessing the same software they are accustomed to from their favourite device. Not only does this give your workforce a more fluid and flexible way of working, but it allows your business to respond to the demands of the digital age and stay available – whenever your customers need you.

Flexible working is not a tale for the future, it is happening now – with great success. 41 of th


e Top 100 Global Brands are already using Office 365, with 61% saying it has helped them become more productive and a massive 82% claiming they have saved money since the switch. And it’s not just big business either, flexible working offers a seemingly endless list of benefits to businesses of all sizes, which is why 95% of medium-sized companies already offer it, to some degree.

Still not convinced?

  • 70% of IT managers saw a boost in productivity as a result of flexible working
  • Over 60% saw an increase in revenue
  • 76% benefited from greater employee retention as a result of a flexible working model
  • 61% reported less sick days, as employees are happy to log on from home
  • 38% of employees felt more engaged and innovated when able to work flexibly


How about now?

Welcome to Office 365. Welcome to a better way to work.


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Stats: Regus Business Manager Survey 2013

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