Breaking up is never easy, but sometimes it’s right…


You just know when the time is right to move on, and if you’re still running Windows Server 2003, that time has come.

Support ends July 14th 2015 – leaving you with no updates, no compliance and no applications support from that date forward.

While that may feel like the distant future, server migration can take time, and you need to start planning for your upgrade sooner rather than later. Although it can seem like a headache, the benefits of upgrading are well worth it. Not only can it save you money, it’s also a good opportunity to streamline – giving you a chance to take a look at what software your business is actually using and what it’s not.

What next?

Put simply, you have two choices – do something, or do nothing.

Your Windows Server 2003 will of course continue to function after July, but with no support, no new security patches and the potential for slow down – the risks of staying put could be severe. If on the other hand you decide to ‘do something’, there are plenty of options at your disposal. It all comes down to what is best for you – and your business.

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