Whisper V3 27U 600mm(W) x 1000mm(D) Soundproof rack


The Latest Design Whisper V3 WSP3-27U-610 is a 27U - 1746mm High Active Soundproof Server rack, 636mm wide x 1092mm deep,it has an internal usable depth of 850mm.



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Whisper V3 27U 600mm(W) x 1000mm(D) Soundproof rack

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  • WSP3-27U-610
  • Whisper V3 27U 600mm(W) x 1000mm(D) Soundproof rack
  • Whisper V3 27U 600mm(W) x 1000mm(D) Soundproof rack

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The Whisper V3 (WSP3-27U-610) is a 27U - 1746mm (with castors) high active sound-proof server rack, 636mm wide x 1092mm deep, with an internal usable depth of 850mm.


Whisper V3 Soundproof racks is the latest generation in the Whisper range. Designed and manufactured to reduce the unacceptable levels of noise from servers, our in house tests have shown by up to 46.6dBA. Incorporates ultra quiet fans, barrier soundproof foam, sealed doors and a washable inlet dust filter. As a result Whisper rack is a real alternative to building server rooms / closets; since IT equipment like servers and network switches can now be located in general office space.


The original Whisper rack proved both successful and popular; building on the experience we have made a number of changes. The new V3 is more acoustically efficient than the previous version, it encourages front to back cooling, something server manufacturers strongly recommend. The airflow has been increased by 60% providing much improved cooling while the acoustic reduction has also improved by around 10%


Most alternative acoustic racks are much larger then expected, taking up valuable room space. Some racks cannot be sited with the back close to a wall since they have back-mounted fans. This also means that the rack cannot be placed in a corner, often where most people want it. The Whisper V3, does not have any of these limitations. The Whisper is barely no deeper or wider than a standard rack and, due to the ultra-quiet vertical airflow, can be placed in any office corner out of the way.


· Capable of up to 46.6dBA noise reduction


· Improved Acoustic design and engineering reduces noise (see chart below)


· 4kW Thermal dissipation


· Compatible with all leading server manufacturers including Dell, HP, IBM etc


· Entire rack lined with specialised twin layer acoustic /barrier foam


· Lockable hinged front and rear door with cam locks


· Standard finish in Graphite Grey, bespoke colours available


· Includes 12 way ultra quiet roof fans


· Washable Inlet Dust Filter


· Supplied with Heavy Duty Castors


· 4 x full height adjustable 19" mounting rails


· Bespoke designs and sizes available


The decibel (dB) is a logarithmic unit, for example, an increase of 3 dB is a doubling of the strength of the sound, an increase of 10dB means that the sound is 10 times as loud; i.e., 70 dB is 10 times as loud as 60 dB.


Most people are not familiar with Acoustics, therefore we have tried to explain below what you can expect in simple terms. For detailed explanation on Acoustics and Decibels please see


Examples of sound levels in common environments:


95dBA = Electric Drill


74dBA = Fully populated blade server running at 80% load


60dBA = Average Server


60dBA = Normal conversation


55dBA = Background noise in an average office


35dBA = A quiet library


Whisper V3 - Noise reduction results:


The chart below shows results from tests that we carried out on the Whisper V3. You will notice that significant reductions are achieved. A 46.6dBA reduction was achieved when tested with a source noise of 90dBA, however most applications do not have such a loud source.


Looking at a fully populated blade server which was tested the noise level was reduced from 74dBA to 35.7dBA. As that is less than most background noise is an average office, the server noise will go unnoticed and will no longer be intrusive. No other acoustic soundproof rack at this price can keep noise level below "Å“background noise in an average office" for the spectrum of sound source that we used for testing.


Still not sure ?

We are happy to provide a demonstration of the Whisper V3 capabilities if required. You may wish to bring a sound recording of your server or the actual server itself.

Test Method


The tests were based on a Blade Server and was tested using a Digital Impulse Sound Level Meter, the meter was placed at the source and the figure of 90dBA was recorded. We then took the server and installed it into a Whisper V3 server rack. The Whisper rack was switched on (running 12 fans), a reading was taken one meter from the rack (based on research that most people do have at least 1 meter between the rack and personnel). The reading was recorded as 46.8dBA, therefore a noise reduction of 43.2dBA was achieved, the below chart shows other tests that we also preformed.







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  • Brand
  • External Height
    1641mm - Heavy Duty Castors +105mm
  • Usable Height
    27U (1200mm)
  • External Width
  • Overall Width
    636mm inc door hinges
  • External Depth
  • Overall Depth
    1092mm including Front / Rear locks
  • Usable Depth
  • Mounting Profiles
    Adjustable Front / Rear
  • Door Types
    Lockable Front - Lockable Rear - Plain Steel Acoustically lined
  • Cable Entry
    Base rear brush strip
  • Cabinet Weight
  • Flat Pack Option
  • Supplied Base Fittings
    Heavy Duty Castors
  • Colours
    Goose Grey Optional: Graphite Grey and Black
  • Warranty
    1 Year

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