Dataflex Viewmate workstation - floor 702

SKU: 52.702
£337.00 (£404.40)
  • Create a data entry workstation where and when it's needed with this sturdy trolley that's easy to move around.
  • It supports sit-stand working and all parts are independently height adjustable, making sure anyone can work comfortably.
  • Because this trolley has big lockable castors, doorways won't present a threshold.
  • Data entry trolley with big lockable castors (75 mm diameter)
  • Convenient clamp lever on height adjustable parts locks them in place
  • Able to hold a monitor, mouse and keyboard and a small form factor computer
  • VESA MIS-D 75 x 75/100 x 100 mm compatible
  • Cable covers keep cables neatly together
  • Keyboard & mouse platform is tiltable and depth adjustable
  • SFF holder fits devices with a thickness of 65 - 111 mm and max. height of 350 mm
  • Trolley dimensions (w x d x h): 636 x 600 x 1665 mm
  • Max. weight capacity: keyboard & mouse platform 5 kg,
  • SFF holder 10 kg, monitor mount 15 kg
  • Dataflex
  • Dataflex