CM-2 Environmental Monitor with 5 built in sensors


The Climate CM-2 has 5 built-in sensors as standard (Temperature, Humidity, Airflow, Sound and Light) and 3 analogue ports which can be used to connect a Web Cam, door switch etc. Up to 16 external sensors can also be added.

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CM-2 Environmental Monitor with 5 built in sensors

The Climate CM-2 Environmental Monitoring Unit will monitor and report Environmental and Security conditions in your cabinet or comms room. The 1U design allows for simple and tidy installation in your existing 19” rack.

The CM-2 continuously monitors climate, environmental and security conditions as configured and will display events and alerts on it’s built-in web management interface. Details are also shown on the units in-built LCD display.

When configured thresholds are exceeded or security events triggered, alarms can be sent via E-mail, Audio Alarm or by an SNMP trap. Notifications can also be sent via SMS using the SMS Alert Server.

The CM-2 Environmental Monitor works straight out of the box, with no additional software or hardware to purchase. Installation is simple, use DHCP to assign an IP address manually, or assign a static one yourself. Setup is easy via the intuitive web management interface.




 A full set of built-in sensors: 

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Air Flow
  • Light
  • Sound
  • Door Position (requires ext. door switch)
  • Web Cam (requires ext. camera)


A variety of remote sensors are easily added.  Up to 16 remote sensors can be added using CAT3 telephone cable.


Available Remote sensors (please see accessories tab above)


  • Temperature
  • Air Flow/Temperature
  • Water
  • Current (AC Amps)
  • Power (Volts, Amps, Watts)
  • Motion

Remote sensors allows the unit to monitor up to 16 cabinets hundreds of feet distant or show the status of air-conditioning outputs. There are five remote sensor jacks on the unit, splitters are available to expand this to 16.





Software protocols include:


  •  Web (HTTP)
  • SNMP (full MIB)
  • FTP (firmware upgrades)
  • Graphing
  • PDA display format
  • WAP (cell phone display)
  • XML
  • Excel

Real-time values are continually displayed on a 2 line by 8 character backlit LCD display for local viewing. The web cam recommended is an IP-based Axis 205; it can be installed locally or remotely.

 Firmware updates can be made by FTP file transfer which eliminates returning the unit to the factory. All jacks are front panel mounted. Remote sensors can be located hundreds of feet away.


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Web Interface

The web management interface displays the current details with graphs showing trends. Multiple web cam images can be viewed in JPEG format and multiple alarm thresholds can be set with multiple e-mail alarm addresses. The data can be also be viewed on a PDA or cell phone and is configurable remotely via the internally held web page.



  • Power Supply
    External PSU
  • Air Flow Sensor
    Yes (onboard)
  • Humidity Sensor
    Yes (onboard)
  • Light Sensor
    Yes (onboard)
  • Sound Sensor
    Yes (onboard)
  • Temperature Sensor
    Yes (onboard)
  • Power Failure Detection
    Yes (optional)
  • Water Sensor
    Yes (optional)
  • Break Beam
    Yes (optional)
  • Buzzer Light Indication
    Yes (optional)
  • Camera
    Yes (optional)
  • PIR Sensor
    Yes (optional)
  • Pressure Mat
    Yes (optional)
  • Unit Weight
  • Smoke Sensor
    Yes (optional)

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