Site Selection Survey

Whether you’re looking for a brand new site or assessing possible areas within your existing building, the selection and evaluation of the location for your new Data Centre / Computer Room is not a simple matter. There are many things to be considered from the straightforward physical constraints to a myriad of external influences that may not be quite so obvious.



Site Selection Survey

The success of your new room rests on the selection of the right location, so it is important to get it right. After all, you wouldn’t want to build your new Data Centre in the basement of a building which is prone to flooding. It's all about assessing all of the risks and benefits before you make that critical decision.

The Survey Report documents the findings, outlines the potential risks and provides recommendations to mitigate them. The format of the report is designed so that it can also form part of any future business plan. The survey looks at a number of areas, including:

  • Your Requirements – The stated objectives of the final operational Data Centre
  • The Physical Space – The constraints on the ability to physically create a Computer Room or gain access, such as height clearances, structural weight loadings, delivery routes, etc.
  • The Existing Services – The availability of sufficient power sources within the building to accommodate potential requirements, locations for A/C condensers and generators, etc.
  • The Surrounding Environment - A review of all of the aspects that can impact the room both internally and externally (e.g. position of water tanks, flood risks, possible electrical interference, etc.)
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