Requirements Workshop

Why do I need a Workshop?

That was the first question of many of our previous clients. Those who subsequently went through the process, however, say that it was one of the most vital and useful aspects of the whole Data Centre / Computer Room build engagement.



Requirement Workshop

The workshop helps bridge the gap that often exists within organisations between those responsible for the facility and those responsible for the IT. In many cases it also helps other areas of the organisation such as finance and operations to input their needs and get real understanding for the complexities and the pit-falls involved. On numerous occasions these workshops have helped to develop the business case for a Computer Room Project as well as aligning disparate areas of a business behind a common set of objectives.

The Workshop Process

The Workshop takes an entire day, we start by explaining Data Centre Components and Best Practices, so that you understand the anatomy of a Data Centre. Next we find out all about your business and its IT - The business and operational needs; the current facility; service levels; user needs, the current and future IT estate; power and network connectivity; possible locations; security and business continuity; project timescales and ongoing management and support. The output of the Workshop is a ‘Outline Room Proposal’. This lists all of the requirements defined during the Workshop and outlines a high level outline for a potential solution, along with a budgetary costing and project timeframes. This document can be used by the client to obtain competitive quotations and has often formed the basis for a ITT's sent out to third party companies, including Keyzone, as part of the procurement process.

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