Data Centre Power

Multiple components are required within today’s modern Data Centre electrical infrastructure to ensure good quality power is delivered to the mission critical IT equipment and that the infrastructure can be resilient against possible failures. These components include but are not limited to: switchgear and distribution systems, Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), Generators & Power Factor Correction equipment.



Data Centre Power

Choosing the Right Components 
All of the above components need to be designed/selected correctly to ensure they are the correct capacity (not under or oversized) and work in harmony with each other. Also, in today’s social climate, company’s are being pressured by the government to be aware of their corporate social responsibility to ensure efficient use of their electrical supply:

Switchgear & Cabling Distribution Systems – should provide a resilient redundant path to ensure IT racks maintain power during a failure scenario or to complete required electrical testing

UPS’s – Provide conditioned power to sensitive mission critical IT systems during both mains present and ultimately mains loss scenario’s. Can be standalone, paralleled or modular systems

Generators – commonly diesel powered, other fuel types are available, provide a secondary power source to the IT facility (can be entire building also) in the event of a mains power failure scenario. Works in conjunction with the UPS.

Power Factor Correction – Increases the availability of “actual power” to a building/data centre increasing both capacity and efficiency and reduces increasing electricity costs/penalties introduced by the utility providers

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