Data Centre Cooling

Modern IT equipment generates a large amount of heat and the problem increases with higher density IT kit (e.g. Blade Servers). It is, therefore, essential to use the correct type of cooling and to understand the air flow requirements within the room. Failure to achive this can have disastrous results with 'deadly' hot-spots happening just where you don't need them - around your key mission critical servers.



Data Centre Cooling

Choosing the Right Cooling Data Centre cooling solutions must be able to respond to the environment and adapt the climate to keep it constant. IT doesn't like large variations in climate. Keyzone are not tied to any single manufacturer, so we choose exactly the right cooling mix:

The complex nature of Data Centres often means that problems with the cooling system can go totally unnoticed. Power can be wasted excessively by an inefficient Cooling system and/or certain IT systems can continually be down due to 'hotspots' either within the room or within the rack.

Downflow Air Conditioning - most widely adopted for professional Data Centres

Cold Aisle Containment or Hot Aisle Containment- Used to improve efficiency (

Chilled Racks - can be utilised in conjunction with chillers for real high density requirements (10-30kW per rack) DX (refrigerant) or Chillers - can be utilised as the cooling medium

Do you have a Data Centre Cooling Issue? If so, contact us - we have skilled specialists and can utilise state of the art thermal modelling tools (CFD) to understand and correct any problems.

What does CFD do? 
We model your facility, which will show any problems either at an individual rack or at a room level, highlighting hotspots or flow problems with either.
The model is used to show how changes to the way the room cooling is set out can reduce or completely fix the problems. These can then be implemented on the live facility to fix the issues. It may be as simple as repositioning of air grilles, repositioning of equipment within racks or changing the way the AC operates.

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