The key to a quiet classroom?


When it comes to teaching, the last thing you need is unwanted distractions in the classroom.

Although it may fade into the background (particularly in some of the rowdier classes), a recent brain functions study claims that “white noise” can impact on concentration and have a very real effect on student results. So if you want to bring through the next wave of high achievers, you need to ensure that your room is quiet enough to hear a pin drop – and what teacher wouldn’t want that!

But the million dollar question is…how?

Let’s look at where this white noise comes from. With technology now in the majority of classrooms – from nurseries to universities – everything from servers, routers, switches and the clunking of printers helps to create much of it. The printer problem is easy – switch it off. But what about the rest?

The answer lies in soundproofed server cabinets. Created specifically to ensure the highest levels of productivity in both offices and schools, these cabinets can help to reduce the sound of even the loudest networking equipment (unfortunately not the loudest classes!) on the market today – by up to 90%

But that’s not the only advantage, now your students and your switches can work in harmony, there’s no need for a dedicated server room – helping you make the most of the space at your disposal.

So there you have it, as promised – the key to a quiet classroom. Now all you have to worry about is the students…


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