From Soundproof to Temperature Control – Server Cabinets For All Requirements

Server cabinets mean different things to different businesses: which is why we have designed and built so many specialty models. From cabinets and racks with sound proofing, or temperature control systems, to racks designed for use in smaller spaces and in home offices, Keyzone has an item in its server cabinets range designed specifically for you. Don’t endanger you data by storing your servers in the wrong cabinets: take the right advice from Keyzone and you’ll find the perfect cabinet at the perfect price for your use and your budget.

Our server cabinets are arranged on the Keyzone according to use, size and price. If you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, you can contact us direct to arrange a consultation for a bespoke cabinet. In addition to providing server cabinets alone, we are able to design and install a complete server protection system for you – taking the working space and environment into account as well as the normal demand on your existing servers. We can install server cabinets that are perfect for your current setup – or we can design and install a system for you that will allow your data systems to grow with your company. Small businesses will benefit from our compact server cabinets solutions while medium sized enterprises can opt for a cold aisle storage room, which allows you to introduce more servers than ever, safely, into a smaller space.

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