Designing a Server Room for A Medium To Large Sized Business

Designing a computer and server room that is able to genuinely promote productivity, efficiency and professionalism isn’t something that’s as simple as just flicking on a light switch. Yet, as a business grows into a medium or large sized concern a server room or data centre may be essential in the running of an effective and powerful company. In fact, designing a data centre or server room can lead to a whole number of problems that may leave the designers scratching their heads.

The most important consideration when designing that new server room is that it’s not simply a case of where everything goes. It’s how they are going to work together to create a system that works for the good of the business. Remember, that this isn’t a process that you are liable to get right the first time. It isn’t something that’s going to happen the first time. It takes a considerable amount of trial and errors so don’t be afraid to redraw and redo any plans.

Start any design by having the facility staff and the IT team present in one room so their needs can be identified. They will be able to help draw up the objectives that the design needs to accomplish, in relation to the systems that currently exist. Once the design objectives are in place its then time for the team to evaluate the requirements for the data centre cooling facilities that are going to be needed for the safe operation of the hardware within. From here it’s then time to start getting some concrete figures in place, such as the cost and the schedule for the implementation of the plans. This planning and feasibility stage is crucial for the successful implementation of the designs.

The Engineering & Design phase comes after feasibility has been accomplished. With a workable project in place it’s now time to move forward to the detailed aspects of the overall room. Desired results should be encompassing flexibility, server availability and scalability, as well as a system in place that can cope with any hardware failures.

Evaluating the final server room design should be done in the following manner. The server room should be suitable for any expansions and growth phases that could take place in the next five years whilst at the same time accommodating the current needs of the organisation. Security is of utmost importance and should be centralised in relation to as many staff as possible. Avoiding high traffic areas of the building, keeping it off the ground floor, as well as away from any close entry points should be what any designer is looking for. When it comes to the server room’s data cooling centre, go further than the air conditioning implements that are in place. Take a look at the elements that may have not been considered such other hardware, lighting, fans, air flow, and the amount of free floor space. They can all have an impact on cooling. Installing security cameras and creating systems to control access to the area should be considered with any plan as security is one of the main aspects of the operation.

A successful plan will allow for expansion in the future. These plans do not require to be revisited for five years. And these plans should be the most efficient and affordable for the business. If anything better comes up before the five-year period is up then rework the plan.

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