Office 365

Five ways Office 365 will benefit your business



Cloud computing has become a big deal over the last few years – and as a result businesses of all sizes are now jumping on board in a bid to improve productivity.


You see cloud computing makes it possible for workers to access all of their files remotely and on demand, something which is proving a business-boosting asset to many 21st century SMEs.


There are plenty of options available in this rapidly growing space, but Microsoft Office 365 is perhaps the most compelling, offering a familiar ecosystem that can be accessed remotely, wherever in the world your employees may happen to be.


With full integration for all your favourite applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel, Office 365 is surging in popularity – a trend that shows no sign of abating for several good reasons.


Access everything, everywhere

Office 365 gives workers web access to their emails, important documents, calendars and contacts on almost every device imaginable, from PCs and Macs through to iPhones and Android smartphones. There are no complex forms to fill in, and no IT experts needed to get up and running – just enter your password and you can access all your work, wherever in the world you might happen to be located.


In the 24/7 environment we live in today, this level of connectivity is absolutely priceless for businesses.


Coordination with the key programmes you use

Just as the name suggests, Office 365 is fully compatible with all of the key Microsoft programmes that many businesses rely upon on a daily basis. The package features stripped back versions of Word, Excel, Publisher and Powerpoint that, while not quite replacing the real thing, make it easy to edit documents on the go, whether on a PC or a compatible mobile device. All changes you make in these documents will sync up with the PC back at your desk.


Integration with Outlook, meanwhile, makes it simple and straightforward to send and receive emails on the go – meaning that your staff can stay in contact even when they’re out of the office.


Safe, secure and reliable

As you’d expect from a firm with a huge reputation such as Microsoft, security and data privacy is front and centre when it comes to their cloud products. Office 365 is no different, meeting multiple industry-standard certifications and protecting your documents and emails by scanning for malware all year round. Furthermore, Microsoft guarantees that the service will be up and running 99.9% of the time – meaning that you should never be faced with downtime.


Scaremongering in the media has led many businesses to fear cloud-computing solutions – but your data is safe with Microsoft.


Keeping you organised

One of the great things about cloud services in general is that they keep everything up to date through their ability to sync across different devices. Thanks to integration with all of the key Microsoft programmes, Office 365 is among the best at doing this.


Update a contact on your phone or an appointment in your calendar and it will transfer across to your PC, likewise it will do the same should you alter a Word doc or Excel spreadsheet – you’ll never be left with a dated version of that important file ever again!


Predictable monthly cost

You can forget about one-off installation fees and upfront costs – one of the fantastic things about Office 365 is that you pay a predictable monthly fee depending on the number of users you want and, with no long-term contract, you can cancel or amend your subscription at any time.


When you factor in the reduced reliance on IT services to manage servers and potential downtime, Office 365 could prove to be a very good investment for your business indeed.


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