Say Hello to 10G Networking


Despite arriving on the technology scene to much fanfare, 10G networking has been more slowly received than its predecessors – due in part to concerns about cost and ease of migration from existing set-ups. However, as the technology has matured, technical advancements have reduced the cost of 10GbE and associated network hardware to deliver higher performance at lower costs – over both optical and copper cabling.

Put simply, 10GbE now represents a much lower cost per GB transferred than competitive technologies.

Surviving a sea of data

The increasing bandwidth required by many applications, the need to stream large amounts of data, video and audio files, and the move to the cloud have all come together to put a greater strain on network resources. That’s where 10GbE comes into its own, offering an opportunity to support these emerging trends and technologies while at the same time future proofing enterprise networks without compromising the quality or speed of service.

Of course, re-cabling a network can be a major undertaking, but that is all the more reason to look to 10g networking in order to ensure optimum protection on your upgrade project and investment.

Need more reasons to switch to 10GbE?

• Support bandwidth-intensive applications
• Transport latency-sensitive traffic types
• Cost-effectively over-provision networks to allow for burstable capacity and support the new and emerging requirements for flexible provisioning
• Extend in-house LANs to metro area networks and wide area networks
• Increase capacity or upgrade legacy networks while leveraging the existing skills base within the business.

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