Peripherals / Monitor Arms

A monitor arm will allow you to set your monitor to the most comfortable position, allowing you to adjust the height, depth, and in most cases, the angle of your monitor. Whether sitting or standing, it will improve your ergonomic posture and help reduce eye strain, back and neck pain.

The benefits of a monitor arm:

1. Enhance your well-being
By using a monitor arm, you can optimise the position of your monitor for maximum comfort. It enables you to effortlessly adjust the height, depth, and angle, promoting an ergonomic posture and reducing the likelihood of eye strain, backaches, and neck pain. Maintaining a distance roughly equivalent to the length of your arm between your eyes and the monitor is recommended.

2. Seamless adaptability and versatility
The extensive adjustability offered by a monitor arm facilitates easy collaboration and efficient information sharing with colleagues. In addition to standard adjustments like height, depth, and angle, many monitor arms also allow you to swiftly switch between landscape and portrait orientations. These arms enable you to personalise your desk setup and working style, making them an ideal choice for shared workstations.

3. Optimise your workspace
Embracing a monitor arm grants you the freedom to declutter and maximise the utilisation of your workspace, especially in compact work environments. With built-in cable management systems, monitor arms ensure that you remain tangle-free throughout the day, helping you stay organised and boosting productivity.

Available for deskmount, wallmount, single or multiple monitors.