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Keyzone has a team of in-house experts that find the best option for your business. As an independent supplier, we offer cost-effective solutions based on years of experience.

All organisations require desktops and laptops to enable their employees to carry out day-to-day activities. Whilst laptops are becoming more common than desktops – largely due to the increase in mobile working, desktops still have their place – particularly for those working with graphics, video or other demanding applications.

Laptop or desktop?

The increase in mobile and flexible working has seen the sale of laptops and tablets skyrocket, with laptops now more common than desktops within most businesses. What’s more, with increasingly powerful processors and compact components, laptops are now more sophisticated than ever before. But that’s not to say that desktops don’t still hold their own, and there are certain industries, for example media and design, where desktops are still a more appropriate choice – not least for their ability to support the demanding applications typical of these industries.

We understand the importance of providing your employees with the best end-user computing solution from reliable brands known for their longevity and ease of use, and will recommend the most appropriate laptops and desktops for your business.

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