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Most people are familiar with Hewlett-Packard, having most likely owned either an HP laptop or printer at some point in their lives. Dating back to 1939, it is one of the oldest and most successful technology companies to date.

HPE was created with the belief that all companies, whether large corporates or small start-ups can both survive and thrive in the current economy if they are able to execute the following well: transforming to a hybrid infrastructure, protecting the digital enterprise, empowering the data-driven organisation and enabling workplace productivity.

In their own words, HPE use technology to help their customers “slash the time it takes to turn ideas into value.”

With mobile and remote working becoming more widespread, many businesses are starting to migrate aspects of their IT infrastructure to the cloud. Traditionally, this has been a long transition process, with many retaining a foot in the more traditional IT environment. However, solutions such as HPE have changed all that by providing the ideal platform for those who want to future-proof their business and create a flexible working environment for their employees.

One of the advantages HPE has over its competitors is that it understands – and continuously monitors – the new threat landscape that exists in modern day business. This is why HPE offers sophisticated security solutions to protect your data from falling into the wrong hands, and to ensure your business meets its specific regulatory and compliance issues.

Security is just one area in which HP technology can be leveraged to achieve better business outcomes – in fact, we are only scratching the surface. To find out more about how Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services can help drive the evolution of your business, speak to a Keyzone, HP expert, today on 01753 695090, or email

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