Evaluating A Business’s Data Centre Design

Although for some businesses their data centre design can be completed in a single phase, for many more businesses the development and expansion of their data centre design has been organic. As the needs of the business have changed and developed and their need for data storage has expanded, so too has the need to reassess the data centre design.

In some cases the quantity of cool air being piped through to their data centre seems insufficient to keep the servers and other equipment cooled, and often what happens is that additional cooling units are added. However, not only is this not the most efficient or effective solution, it can sometimes end up failing to do the job at all. What is often needed is not to simply bolt new bits on to the existing data centre design, but to completely reassess the way in which the design of the data centre is currently visible.

By revaluating a business’s data needs and the equipment in its data centre the right solution can be found. Simply adding or expanding the existing cooling units not only costs significantly more in the long term in running costs, it’s hardly environmentally friendly either.

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