Best Practice in Data Centre Design

We believe our data centre design service is emblematic of best practice in the industry. We start from first principles and work our way through all of your requirements to ensure that the finished article is a product of a detailed workshop, survey and site selection process.

Here’s how it works:

  • We start with a requirement workshop. This is where we find out exactly what you expect from your data centre – and, together, we work out what you need.
  • Then we move onto an environmental survey and site selection. The survey works out where is best, either in your existing premises or as the site of a new data centre design, to locate your data room.
  • At this point we move into the design and build phase. The design is rooted in the survey and site selection and answers all of your requirements, as defined in your workshop.
  • Once your data centre has been built, we offer a continued service. Our after build services include remote monitoring; maintenance and servicing; and audits to ensure that your data centre continues to answer your requirements.

All of our services can be used independently, as well as part of a full data centre design process. We can help you save money on existing installations too.

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