A New Look for Data Center Cooling

Here at Keyzone, we’re passionate about data center cooling. It’s what we do. That’s why we are so excited about our latest venture – the cold aisle containment systems we are offering for design and install in your place of business.

Cold aisle containment is a much more energy efficient and cost effective form of server cooling – and it works better than the alternatives too. We install a raised floor to mount your server racks, and pump chilled air under it. The cold air rises into self-contained data aisles and cools the front of your servers – hot air is pushed out the back and rises away from the equipment.

Our data center cooling solutions have been designed to help you make the most of even small spaces. One of the great things about using cold aisle containment is the lack of bulk cooling equipment. By increasing the effectiveness of your cooling, you will be able to use all the space in your cabinets without overheating. That means you can expand your data storage capabilities without having to move to a new server location.

Using cold aisle containment as a means of data center cooling gives you all sorts of advantages. You’ll find that your aisle and overall room temperature and humidity are improved instantly. Your airflow will be much better too. Overall, the life expectancy of all your hardware, particularly the cooling hardware like internal fans, will go up noticeably.

If you need help with a data center cooling solution, or just want some advice from the experts, you can visit our company website at You’ll find a series of bespoke server racks there, too, which have been designed to further help you keep your data systems at the right temperature.

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