A Guide To Data Centre Cooling And The Different Options Available Today

For businesses which have IT equipment that generate a substantial amount of heat, it is pivotal that they have a data centre room which provides the right temperate and environment for the equipment to operate at optimum level. There are lots of different types of data centre cooling methods available to businesses and it is crucial that the right option is chosen. This article aims to give a helping hand with that by providing information on the different options that can be used in computer rooms today.

The most widely utilised method of cooling in the UK at the moment is that of down flow air conditioning. The reason for this is largely down to the fact that it is one of the easiest options to use and furthermore it is one that individuals tend to be most aware of and fully understanding of the concept involved.

Nevertheless, whilst air conditioning may be a method which has established itself as a popular choice, something which is excessively growing in demand is that of cold aisle containment. This method separates the hot air from the cold air in order to help individuals manage their environment so that they can provide the optimum levels for their equipment to operate in. People tend to prefer this method of data centre cooling because it is cost effective and it can be used in any computer room – no matter the size or age.

In addition to the two methods mentioned it is also worth considering the option of chilled racks. On their own, chilled racks are largely not considered substantial enough for high density requirements and thus it is advisable that they are used in conjunction with chillers for this level of cooling.

Before an individual makes a decision on which option is best for them it is advisable to consider one’s main wants from their data centre and then compare them with the options available. A lot of people seek a second opinion from a professional in the industry; this is something which is highly beneficial because they are able to point aspects which may not be noticeable to the untrained eye.

All in all, the three methods mentioned in this article are the most effective and popular options with regards to Each should be given careful contemplation before a final decision is made.

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