"Tim and Keyzone have been my preferred supplier for IT equipment for over 5 years, consistently delivering excellence with product knowledge, competitive pricing and service. Knowing that when Tim says ‘It’ll be there tomorrow’ I can rely on it, is a great relief when demanding end users spring last minute requirements on me. Five star service."

Andy, IT Manager, London

“We use Keyzone for all our Dell purchases. They always provide us with a good deal and generally beat other suppliers when it comes to good customer service. Our accounts manager is very approachable and helpful, He has been great with our custom orders and has provided us with exactly what we needed”

Samantha, IT Purchasing, Sussex

“Keyzone are our go to supplier for hardware and software. They understand the needs of our business well and always work to achieve the best deal they can. I like their personal and attentive approach, and above all else their straight forward honesty.”

Lewis – IT & Systems Manager – London

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