Counting the cost of Cyber Security….

When we think of Cyber Security, certain events spring straight to mind - most recently TalkTalk, with millions of customer's personal information being stolen. We are yet to know the full extent of this attack but TalkTalk will already be counting the cost to its reputation. Will existing customers look elsewhere and will they see a decline in new customers using their service? Almost certainly, yes. Businesses that suffer data breaches not only count the cost financially but also the effe...  Read More

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Better ways to pay…

There are plenty of ways to fund your next IT purchase, but with more and more companies looking to conserve capital and move to a more OPEX style finance model, there are two in particular that are gaining popularity - Hire Purchase (HP) and Finance Lease. Both options allow organisations to avoid IT obsolescence without taking a huge chunk out of the IT budget, giving businesses like yours the best of both worlds - the technology you need with payment options that suit your budget. But w...  Read More

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HP Offer – Limited time only…

Hewlett-Packard has held its own as one of the biggest names in computing since 1966 – and is just as well known for its laptops and desktops as it is for its printers and servers. HP has become synonomous with choice, offering one of the largest ranges of sleek laptops and robust, yet affordable, desktops on the market. If you’re looking for a new computer for your business, you really can’t afford to discount HP. The HP Probook latptop range sets out to help you work not only fas...  Read More

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Why choose Keyzone?

We know there are plenty of other IT providers out there doing what we do – but we are certain that none do it to the same high standard. For over 30 years Keyzone has provided customers with creative, flexible solutions to support a wide variety of business needs. Because we know the industry, we know what you want from your IT supplier – that’s why we deliver quickly, consistently and without fuss. Our knowledgeable sales teams have provided excellent service, technical experti...  Read More

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Make your servers virtually hassle free

Virtualisation has revolutionised the datacentre in recent years, giving companies of all sizes maximum efficiency at a time when their budgets demand it. However, very few businesses are 100% virtualised, so are they really taking advantage of all the benefits it can bring? As cloud technology continues to take giant strides forward, server virtualisation is now accessible to almost everybody - and the benefits just keep on coming. Whether you are totally new to virtualisation, or you use it...  Read More

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Do more – with Keyzone and NETGEAR

The demand for affordable and efficient technology has never been greater - and as the effects of dated infrastructure become more noticeable and begin to affect productivity - the need for scalable, future-proof networks has never been more paramount. That's why Keyzone have teamed up with NETGEAR to offer a FREE, no obligation on-site networking survey - to assess your wireless, network, and storage needs - whatever your business. What's included in the survey? -An examination of your netwo...  Read More

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Accessories Required For A Data Cabinet

Nowadays more and more business are requiring data cabinets in order to store their servers and IT equipment. Nevertheless, one mistake a lot of individuals and businesses seem to be making is that they forget the accessories that they may need alongside the data cabinet. Imagine how frustrating it is to buy a wall cabinet only to find that the fixtures to secure it on the wall haven't been bought. In order to ensure that no accessories are ever forgotten again this post will reveal some of the ...  Read More

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The Reason Why Blade Servers Are So Popular

Blade servers are appreciated for their compactness, ease of deployment and administration but also their versatility. In 2007, the adoption of the blade server architectures has continued at a rapid pace under the impetus of the three major market leaders such as HP, IBM and Dell, but also because of the renewed dynamism of Sun Microsystems. According to IDC, the share of blade servers in global shipments of servers, for the first time, exceeded 10% by volume in the third quarter of 2007. As ex...  Read More

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