BYOD – are you doing it right?

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In the not too distant past, the thought of employees connecting their personal laptops to company networks would have had IT departments breaking into a cold sweat. The potential for security breaches and the threat of viruses was enough to have all but the most progressive organisations introducing blanket policies on the use of such devices. However, this is no longer the case. The smartphone and tablet boom forced businesses to look at their policies and learn to embrace personal devices as a force for good – rather than something to be fearful of!

Intel’s latest prediction that approximately 82% of companies now let staff use their personal devices show’s how far BYOD has come in a relatively short space of time – and Gartner go one further in predicting that half of firms will not even issue work devices to their employees by 2017.

So organisations are clearly embracing BYOD, but is it working? Popular opinion suggests a resounding YES…

According to Cisco, employees who are allowed to use their personal devices are much more satisfied than those who get work devices forced upon them. Intel continue this positive trend, going as far as to state that nearly half of IT managers strongly agree that BYOD has a positive effect on the output of their employees. It would seem that by letting workers use their favoured device – they are happier (and more able) to respond to requests faster and more efficiently. And not just in the office either! A recent survey showed that as many as 70% of employees regularly check their work emails via their smartphone outside of normal office hours – with 40% more likely to respond to requests whilst on sick leave if using their own device.

This is of course, before we have even touched on the cost savings offered by an effective BYOD strategy. Allowing employees to use their own devices passes operating costs on the user, bringing down the expense of the device itself, as well as other associated expenses that come with implanting ‘work only’ devices.

However, while the advantages may be clear to see – like any IT implementation – BYOD should only be approached with a full and knowledgeable understanding of the implications it can have for you and your business – both the pro’s and the con’s.

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