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BYOD – are you doing it right?

In the not too distant past, the thought of employees connecting their personal laptops to company networks would have had IT departments breaking into a cold sweat. The potential for security breaches and the threat of viruses was enough to have all but the most progressive organisations introducing blanket policies on the use of such devices. However, this is no longer the case. The smartphone and tablet boom forced businesses to look at their policies and learn to embrace personal devices a...  Read More

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Make your servers virtually hassle free

Virtualisation has revolutionised the datacentre in recent years, giving companies of all sizes maximum efficiency at a time when their budgets demand it. However, very few businesses are 100% virtualised, so are they really taking advantage of all the benefits it can bring? As cloud technology continues to take giant strides forward, server virtualisation is now accessible to almost everybody - and the benefits just keep on coming. Whether you are totally new to virtualisation, or you use it...  Read More

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Spotlight on Dell

For years, businesses the world over have chosen Dell to help them achieve their goals, improve their services and better serve their customers. Over 30 years later and Dell's contribution to the technology industry is greater than ever, and their driving purpose remains unchanged: "To deliver technology solutions that enable people everywhere to grow, thrive and reach their full potential." Dell pride themselves on simplifying the complex, making the powerful easy to use and delivering superior...  Read More

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Do more – with Keyzone and NETGEAR

The demand for affordable and efficient technology has never been greater - and as the effects of dated infrastructure become more noticeable and begin to affect productivity - the need for scalable, future-proof networks has never been more paramount. That's why Keyzone have teamed up with NETGEAR to offer a FREE, no obligation on-site networking survey - to assess your wireless, network, and storage needs - whatever your business. What's included in the survey? -An examination of your netwo...  Read More

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A spotlight on Adobe Creative Cloud

 Stop, collaborate and listen, Adobe's back with a brand new invention… and it's called Creative Cloud. If your business needs to flex its creative muscles (and whose doesn't?), Adobe Creative Cloud was built for you. It's the most effective way to give your teams access to the world's best suite of apps – Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat and many more – through a single subscription with updates available as soon as they are ready. And the best thing about Creative Cloud is th...  Read More

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Breaking up is never easy, but sometimes it’s right…

You just know when the time is right to move on, and if you're still running Windows Server 2003, that time has come. Support ends July 14th 2015 – leaving you with no updates, no compliance and no applications support from that date forward. While that may feel like the distant future, server migration can take time, and you need to start planning for your upgrade sooner rather than later. Although it can seem like a headache, the benefits of upgrading are well worth it. Not only can...  Read More

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The rise of the flexible worker…

Technology revolutionised the way we live long ago, anyone and everyone now has a smartphone with the ability to access what they want – when they want. Many businesses are now making the most of this ubiquitous connectivity to allow their employees to work the way they live and extend their office further than they could previously have imagined. Office 365 has played a huge part in this, allowing workers to take the office with them wherever they go – accessing the same software they ar...  Read More

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The key to a quiet classroom?

When it comes to teaching, the last thing you need is unwanted distractions in the classroom. Although it may fade into the background (particularly in some of the rowdier classes), a recent brain functions study claims that "white noise" can impact on concentration and have a very real effect on student results. So if you want to bring through the next wave of high achievers, you need to ensure that your room is quiet enough to hear a pin drop - and what teacher wouldn't want that! But the m...  Read More

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Considerations to Make While Choosing a Server Cabinet

The need to maintain the quality of your servers and ensure they are operating to optimum level is crucial. Your servers are assured to be an imperative part of your company and your operations. If your servers were to be compromised it would cause a great amount of damage as you'd potentially lose key data and you would have to find the cash to purchase a new network as well. One of the most important things you need to do to look after your servers is make sure they are kept inside a cabine...  Read More

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A Look at the Benefits of Server Storage and the Data Cabinet

Computer systems are becoming more advanced as technology steams ahead, so storing them efficiently is vital. An efficient storage solution is necessary to ensure your devices don't have direct contact with each other, to ensure they can be cooled, to ensure that they take up as little space as possible and to ensure that your servers or data devices are organised and easily accessible. Server rack enclosures, such as a data cabinet are the most convenient way to store devices and achieving the...  Read More

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