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We’re hiring!

Tired of working in a restrictive sales environment with limited scope and freedom to find, develop and grow new business? We’re looking for a dynamic New Business Development Manager to join the team here at Keyzone. This is a brand new position that will suit anyone who is proactive and passionate about selling IT and providing exceptional service to new customers. Find our more... ...  Read More

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Placing IT equipment such as servers and network switches in general office space.

  Our Whisper V.3 acoustic cabinet is a real alternative to building server rooms / closets, since IT equipment like servers and network switches can now be located in general office space. The Whisper V3 incorporates ultra-quiet fans, barrier soundproof foam, sealed doors and a  washable inlet dust filter. It encourages front to back cooling, something server manufacturers strongly recommend. Most alternative acoustic cabinets are much larger than expected, taking up valuable...  Read More

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Replacing legacy equipment and software is about more than just getting a shiny new toy.: Why it doesn’t pay to pay for outdated technology.

It’s become increasingly business-critical for companies to shield themselves from the many pitfalls of holding onto outdated technology. This outdated technology poses a higher security threat where organisations become exposed to unpatched vulnerabilities in their hardware and software, and it’s more than likely that these issues will have been addressed in the updated versions. The increasing number of interconnected devices on corporate networks, coupled with trends such as shifti...  Read More

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6 months to go…..

  After 14 January 2020 Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7....  Read More

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How secure is your information – is vulnerability testing your missing link?

Why run regular security tests? As we probably all know, information security is a broad subject and for many of us understanding the different layers that can help within this spectrum can be at times difficult. In this blog we will look at the risk and what you as a business could do about it! Over the years when advising various organisations on the importance of regular vulnerability scanning, conversations would typically suggest that most would adopt some form of security measure i...  Read More

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Protect your Corporate Data with iStorage

The need for secure business data has never been greater. Not only to to protect against industrial espionage and ransomware, but to be compliant with requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That is why Keyzone have teamed up with iStorage,  to offer a FREE, no obligation 30 day evaluation of their encrypted drives so you can see why so many Government Departments, Defense Departments, educational institutions, local/central government, energy companies and fi...  Read More

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Curved Monitors from Samsung – For a better class of viewing

Enjoy truly immersive viewing experiences with curved monitors from Samsung. With exclusive features such as Samsung MagicBright, and Samsung MagicUpscale, they are designed to be best in class. Other features include Eye Saver Mode, Flicker Free, Game Mode, FreeSync, and Eco Saving Plus. Your work on the screen has never looked so good! Give us a call and find out more...  Read More

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Introducing the HP Elite X2 1012

Designed for exceptional durability, featuring best-in-class detachable keyboards for a superb typing experience - all with the portability of a tablet. KEY FEATURES: Keyboard and Wacom pen included HP Sure Start self-healing BIOS protection Efficient performance and long battery life Built for simple in-field serviceability Audio by Bang & Olofsen CALL 01753 695090 TO ORDER YOURS TODAY FOR JUST £649+vat. PLUS GET UP TO £250 CASHBACK WHEN YOU TRADE IN YOUR OLD COM...  Read More

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The story of Keyzone

The year is 1997. Across the Atlantic, Internet giant Google is very much in its infancy and is still over 18 months away from being officially founded. In the UK, Channel 5 is launched and the first Harry Potter book hits the shelves. Meanwhile, Keyzone, already fifteen years in its establishment, launches its first website. A lot has changed in the three decades since we began, but we believe our continued success is down to three key things: consistently excellent service, technical expe...  Read More

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Transform Your Business with Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services

Most people are familiar with Hewlett-Packard, having most likely owned either an HP laptop or printer at some point in their lives. Dating back to 1939, it is one of the oldest and most successful technology companies to date. HPE was created with the belief that all companies, whether large corporates or small start-ups can both survive and thrive in the current economy if they are able to execute the following well: transforming to a hybrid infrastructure, protecting the digital enterp...  Read More

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