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As your long-term data storage grows, so does your need for a dependable and efficient way to keep it protected. Based on the world's leading tape technology, Quantum's LTO tape drives work seamlessly with Scalar® tape libraries and automatically match the tape drive speed to that of the host, optimising performance and increasing reliability. Plus, Quantum's LTO tape drives are easy to deploy and upgrade, making them perfect for small, mid-sized and corporate storage environments.
Quantum Ultrium case
Fujifilm's highly reliable storage products help organisations run smoothly and minimise the risk of data loss. Our research laboratories develop key technologies that enable the data storage solutions of tomorrow.
Fujifilm LTO Ultirum 8 case
HP storage media - lasting innovation you can depend on. Every day, in every major region, more customers are backing up and archiving their data to HP LTO Ultrium cartridges than to any other brand. It’s a position of great trust and responsibility that we are proud to occupy.
HP 30TB LTO tape case
A technology and brand leader in premium data storage media products, Maxell is a full-line manufacturer of digital and analogue media products for the data storage, broadcast and consumer markets. Maxell's data storage group provides one of the industry's broadest lines of premium digital recording media.
Maxell Ultrium LTO 6 data cartridge case
Sony storage media provides massive storage capacity and ultra fast transfer rates. Ideal to back up, restore and archive large applications. Enhanced reliability and performance are achieved thanks to new technology innovations together with partitioning functionality with capabilities that can help enhance file control and space management
Sony Ultrium 6 data cartridge case
A worldwide leader in data storage and information management, Imation provides a wide variety of innovative products and service solutions for data storage.
Ultrium 200GB cartridge tape case