Are you prepared for a cyber-attack?

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As the United Kingdom’s digital economy continues to grow, security of online data is becoming a key concern for companies. In the digital space, cybersecurity has topped the priority list of global agendas, following high-profile breaches and the use of cyber-attacks for terrorism.

As the internet continues its inexorable march to ubiquity, and consumers spend more and more time online, preserving the ever-changing technologies at play, keeping consumer’s data safe, and protecting corporation’s digital assets, is critical.

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The Cost of Cyber-Crime

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies, cyber-attacks accrue £400 Billion in costs for the global society each year. The United States faces the most risk as more than 3,000 companies are compromised by cyber-attacks each year.

To help you keep pace, below are three key areas of cybersecurity that all organisations must be wary of…

Data Breach

A data breach is a generic term which refers to an incident where confidential data has been compromised by an unauthorized source. Most often, this is due to security flaws in your own system architecture, or willful neglect from an employee. A data breach can include theft, damage, and unlawful spying.


Synonymous to kidnappings, ‘ransomware’ is a type of software that denies user access to a particular system (usually the internet) until a ransom amount has been paid. This is typical of cyber-attacks that wish to exploit individuals or companies but not necessarily steal their information. Most commonly, they are targeted at the less technologically savvy user.

Insecure Passwords

The biggest threat of all. Insecure passwords are everywhere online – with the rise of the digital economy, users sign-up to multiple services, and remembering individual, strong passwords for them all is impossible. Therefore, they are more inclined to include passwords that lack variation, are used for multiple accounts, and are memorable.

Start Planning 

Get informed and  start planning your own robust countermeasures to the increasing threat of cyber-crime and terrorism by downloading the HM Government Information Security Breaches Survey. Your networks may not be as prepared as you think they are…