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Keyzone 45U 300mm Cable Tray. Provides full height cable tray with pre-pierced slots...
£50.00 (£60.00)
The Keyzone DR4768 is a 47U - 2237mm high data rack, 600mm wide x 780mm deep. This da...
£750.00 (£900.00)
Keyzone Baying Kit. Grey finish
£12.00 (£14.40)
Pack of 100 x M6 Fixing kits with 16mm Screw, Nut & Washer
£17.00 (£20.40)
Keyzone 780mm X 1000mm Plinth. Supplied assembled with 3 cable entry positions. Black...
£140.00 (£168.00)
600mm deep Plain Vented Shelf (60kg loading). Goose Grey finish.
£31.00 (£37.20)
Keyzone 2U 400mm deep Front Mounted Shelf. Grey
£35.00 (£42.00)
This hand tool was made specifically for cable eaters. Apply cables to it and feed...
£3.00 (£3.60)
These are not only strong, but durable and almost endlessly reusable as well. They...
£5.00 (£6.00)
Store your documents, magazines, letters and loose sheets in one place. Simply hoo...
£32.00 (£38.40)
Frees up valuable desk space and keeps those binders you use every day within easy...
£38.00 (£45.60)
600mm X 1000mm Plinth With Opening Stabilising Arms
£150.00 (£180.00)