Placing IT equipment such as servers and network switches in general office space.

  Our Whisper V.3 acoustic cabinet is a real alternative to building server rooms / closets, since IT equipment like servers and network switches can now be located in general office space. The Whisper V3 incorporates ultra-quiet fans, barrier soundproof foam, sealed doors and a  washable inlet dust filter. It encourages front to back cooling, something server manufacturers strongly recommend. Most alternative acoustic cabinets are much larger than expected, taking up valuable...  Read More

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Replacing legacy equipment and software is about more than just getting a shiny new toy.: Why it doesn’t pay to pay for outdated technology.

It’s become increasingly business-critical for companies to shield themselves from the many pitfalls of holding onto outdated technology. This outdated technology poses a higher security threat where organisations become exposed to unpatched vulnerabilities in their hardware and software, and it’s more than likely that these issues will have been addressed in the updated versions. The increasing number of interconnected devices on corporate networks, coupled with trends such as shifti...  Read More

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6 months to go…..

  After 14 January 2020 Microsoft will no longer provide security updates or support for PCs running Windows 7....  Read More

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