Say Hello to 10G Networking

Despite arriving on the technology scene to much fanfare, 10G networking has been more slowly received than its predecessors – due in part to concerns about cost and ease of migration from existing set-ups. However, as the technology has matured, technical advancements have reduced the cost of 10GbE and associated network hardware to deliver higher performance at lower costs – over both optical and copper cabling. Put simply, 10GbE now represents a much lower cost per GB transferred t...  Read More

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Counting the cost of Cyber Security….

When we think of Cyber Security, certain events spring straight to mind - most recently TalkTalk, with millions of customer's personal information being stolen. We are yet to know the full extent of this attack but TalkTalk will already be counting the cost to its reputation. Will existing customers look elsewhere and will they see a decline in new customers using their service? Almost certainly, yes. Businesses that suffer data breaches not only count the cost financially but also the effe...  Read More

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Better ways to pay…

There are plenty of ways to fund your next IT purchase, but with more and more companies looking to conserve capital and move to a more OPEX style finance model, there are two in particular that are gaining popularity - Hire Purchase (HP) and Finance Lease. Both options allow organisations to avoid IT obsolescence without taking a huge chunk out of the IT budget, giving businesses like yours the best of both worlds - the technology you need with payment options that suit your budget. But w...  Read More

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HP Offer – Limited time only…

Hewlett-Packard has held its own as one of the biggest names in computing since 1966 – and is just as well known for its laptops and desktops as it is for its printers and servers. HP has become synonomous with choice, offering one of the largest ranges of sleek laptops and robust, yet affordable, desktops on the market. If you’re looking for a new computer for your business, you really can’t afford to discount HP. The HP Probook latptop range sets out to help you work not only fas...  Read More

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Want to work smarter? Take a tablet

  If there were ever any doubt, it is now clear – the tablet is here to stay. Due, in no small part to the runaway success of the iPad, tablet sales now eclipse that of both laptops and PCs worldwide. What began as somewhat of a novelty is now extending its reach far beyond the home market and offering businesses a low cost, easy-to-use alternative to laptops for employees on the go. In a recent survey, 68% of IT decision makers said that tablets were a vital part of their mobile st...  Read More

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Why choose Keyzone?

We know there are plenty of other IT providers out there doing what we do – but we are certain that none do it to the same high standard. For over 30 years Keyzone has provided customers with creative, flexible solutions to support a wide variety of business needs. Because we know the industry, we know what you want from your IT supplier – that’s why we deliver quickly, consistently and without fuss. Our knowledgeable sales teams have provided excellent service, technical experti...  Read More

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Exablox – re-imagining storage

For many growing organisations, managing storage can feel like an eternal struggle. Continually extending and configuring storage leads to rocketing costs and usually unnecessary complexity. Fortunately, it no longer has to be this way. Exablox’s affordably unique and award winning OneBlox/OneSystem solution has changed the playing field – making complexity and spiralling costs a thing of the past! The OneBlox/OneSystem combination provides customers with a simple and scalable sto...  Read More

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BYOD – are you doing it right?

In the not too distant past, the thought of employees connecting their personal laptops to company networks would have had IT departments breaking into a cold sweat. The potential for security breaches and the threat of viruses was enough to have all but the most progressive organisations introducing blanket policies on the use of such devices. However, this is no longer the case. The smartphone and tablet boom forced businesses to look at their policies and learn to embrace personal devices a...  Read More

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Spotlight on Dell

For years, businesses the world over have chosen Dell to help them achieve their goals, improve their services and better serve their customers. Over 30 years later and Dell's contribution to the technology industry is greater than ever, and their driving purpose remains unchanged: "To deliver technology solutions that enable people everywhere to grow, thrive and reach their full potential." Dell pride themselves on simplifying the complex, making the powerful easy to use and delivering superior...  Read More

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The rise of the flexible worker…

Technology revolutionised the way we live long ago, anyone and everyone now has a smartphone with the ability to access what they want – when they want. Many businesses are now making the most of this ubiquitous connectivity to allow their employees to work the way they live and extend their office further than they could previously have imagined. Office 365 has played a huge part in this, allowing workers to take the office with them wherever they go – accessing the same software they ar...  Read More

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