A Guide On How To Find The Best Company Providing Data Centre Cooling Solutions

If you have a data centre, or are having one built, then one of the most important things that you need to consider is the cooling of the room. After all, for your hardware and equipment to run at its highest level you need to ensure that the proper environment and temperature is provided. If you fail to do this then your servers will overheat and thus you will fall victim to damaged goods. This is something which is obviously not desirable. The key to having a good form of data centre coolin...  Read More

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Cold Aisle Containment: The Latest Solution Of Rack Cooling For Your Data Centre

If you have a data centre then you will be well aware that the cooling method you choose to implement is something which is highly important. After all, for your equipment to operate to their optimum level it needs to be situated in the right environment and the right temperature conditions. If this is not the case then your servers are likely to overheat and this will result in them becoming damaged. One method of rack cooling which is emerging as one of the most popular and widely utilised ch...  Read More

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A Guide To Data Centre Cooling And The Different Options Available Today

For businesses which have IT equipment that generate a substantial amount of heat, it is pivotal that they have a data centre room which provides the right temperate and environment for the equipment to operate at optimum level. There are lots of different types of data centre cooling methods available to businesses and it is crucial that the right option is chosen. This article aims to give a helping hand with that by providing information on the different options that can be used in computer r...  Read More

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The Ultimate Server Storage Solutions Bought By the Server Rack

Servers and data devices are not cheap pieces of equipment so taking care of them in the best possible way is vital to ensure you don't have to replace them for as long as possible. Equipment, wires and hardware can be extremely messy things to keep with cables flying around everywhere. Then, there's the noise; this means that your servers need an entire room to themselves. And, to top it off, you have to pay extra to keep them cool as they are continuously running and are in danger of overheati...  Read More

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A Look at the Benefits of Server Storage and the Data Cabinet

Computer systems are becoming more advanced as technology steams ahead, so storing them efficiently is vital. An efficient storage solution is necessary to ensure your devices don't have direct contact with each other, to ensure they can be cooled, to ensure that they take up as little space as possible and to ensure that your servers or data devices are organised and easily accessible. Server rack enclosures, such as a data cabinet are the most convenient way to store devices and achieving the...  Read More

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Accessories Required For A Data Cabinet

Nowadays more and more business are requiring data cabinets in order to store their servers and IT equipment. Nevertheless, one mistake a lot of individuals and businesses seem to be making is that they forget the accessories that they may need alongside the data cabinet. Imagine how frustrating it is to buy a wall cabinet only to find that the fixtures to secure it on the wall haven't been bought. In order to ensure that no accessories are ever forgotten again this post will reveal some of the ...  Read More

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Designing a Server Room for A Medium To Large Sized Business

Designing a computer and server room that is able to genuinely promote productivity, efficiency and professionalism isn't something that's as simple as just flicking on a light switch. Yet, as a business grows into a medium or large sized concern a server room or data centre may be essential in the running of an effective and powerful company. In fact, designing a data centre or server room can lead to a whole number of problems that may leave the designers scratching their heads. The most impor...  Read More

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The Reason Why Blade Servers Are So Popular

Blade servers are appreciated for their compactness, ease of deployment and administration but also their versatility. In 2007, the adoption of the blade server architectures has continued at a rapid pace under the impetus of the three major market leaders such as HP, IBM and Dell, but also because of the renewed dynamism of Sun Microsystems. According to IDC, the share of blade servers in global shipments of servers, for the first time, exceeded 10% by volume in the third quarter of 2007. As ex...  Read More

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Data Centre Cooling with Cold Aisle Containment

Most people believe that the only way to guarantee data centre cooling is by pumping more and more air conditioners into your server centre – one for every new server rack. That's not actually the case. You can keep a data centre at an even cool temperature without a single air conditioning unit in the same place as the servers – by using a cold aisle containment room. Basically a room within a room, a cold aisle containment data centre is perched on a raised floor that has cold air passin...  Read More

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