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Soundproof cabinets

in general office space

The Whisper V3

Place IT equipment such as

servers and network switches

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Trusted IT Supplier for over 35 Years

Flexible solutions when you need them the most

You can rely on us to deliver the full spectrum of IT products and services, sourcing your IT equipment on-time and to budget

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Take advantage
of our big
savings with
our very special


- Laptops
- Desktops
- Workstations
- Servers
- Storage
- Networking
- Monitors

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and safety in people across industries as they re-commence

OMNI Sense

everyday activities, and public gatherings post COVID-19.

Creating Peace of Mind In Public Spaces

Omni Sense Thermometer is designed to instil a sense of trust

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Refurbished IT hardware

- helping your budget and the environment

Fully customisable to your needs
• Recent hardware models available
• Saves you up to 60% on costs
• A comprehensive warranty of up to 3 years
• Buying refurbished products contributes to
your Corporate Social Responsibility

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In today's world, why pay for outdated technology?

Tech-as-a-Service, a subscription service that
allows you to keep your technology completely
up-to-date. Source the right technology today, at
the lowest price, and remain adaptable and agile
for the changes coming tomorrow.

*Illustrative quote based on 36 month subscrition plan. Contact your Account Manager.

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Why Keyzone?

We are committed to lasting customer relationships

When other suppliers fail to maintain relationships with their customers, we will always be supporting the growth of your business.

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Smart Solutions for Data Storage - We provide cost-effective data storage solutions that don’t skimp on performance or security, enabling you to strengthen business processes with ample data management and secure storage provision.


With so many products on the market, it can be difficult to find the desired product. We listen to your requirements and help support your IT needs.


Our relationships with vendors enable us to provide the best software solutions to meet your business requirements, at the same time as rationalising licensing costs.