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data centre buildKeyzone specialise in the design, build and support of Data Centres and provide services and products for all stages of the Data Centre life cycle. As part of that specialisation, we have developed a ‘Best Practices’ approach that ensures that all deliverables are ‘fit for purpose’ and ‘cost effective’. This approach has gained us a respect within the industry for excellence and a no compromising attitude to quality - so much so, that we are now defining ‘Best Practices’ guidelines for organisations, such as the NHS and Middlesex University.

The Data Centre and Computer Room Consultants
Keyzone specify, design, build and support Data Centres and Computer Rooms. We understand both IT and Mechanical and Electrical infrastructures in-depth and are, therefore, uniquely placed to work with you to build Computer Rooms and Data Centres that are 'fit for purpose' and 'cost effective'. Our thorough Design Process and Best Practices approach ensures that your room is created based on your exact business needs and our years of experience mean that we can even refurbish existing rooms, whilst keeping your IT operation up and running. It's all a matter of Planning! 
Where to Start?
Our objective is to be your trusted advisor and as such we can guide you through the entire process from initial concept and planning right through to the finished Computer Room. But it doesn't end there - we can continue to support your Data Centre with operational services and products that will also help you to run it in the most optimal fashion.
So, if you wish to start the process to design a computer room;have an issue with an existing room; or a new challenge to deal with, speak to one of our consultants. 
Whatever you need- you'll find it here!
We have all of the solutions, services and products that you'll ever need for your Data Centre / Computer Room. We also believe that informed customers make better decisions and it is one of our goals to provide straightforward information that helps in this process. It's this approach that has earned us our reputation for excellence.

The below diagran summarises the key ‘Lines of Business’ and related Offerings and how they fit into the Data Centre Life Cycle. We also offer Data Centre Environmental Monitoring and remote Server Management Solutions, which can be built into any solution as part of the Life Cycle or delivered separately as a standalone offering.

data centre life cycle

Product Ranges

  • Data Centre Construction

    Construction of a Data Centre or Computer Room includes creating the walls...

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  • Data Centre Cooling

    Modern IT equipment generates a large amount of heat and the problem increases...

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  • Data Centre Power

    Multiple components are required within today’s modern Data Centre...

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  • Server Rack

    We have reviewed a number of manufacturers to select only the ones that we...

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  • Structured Data Cabling

    Our Intelligent patching and infrastructure solutions can be installed in your...

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  • Power Survey

    Tens of thousands of man hours and millions of pounds are lost in the IT...

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  • Requirement Workshop

    That was the first question of many of our previous clients. Those who...

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  • Site Selection Survey

    Whether you’re looking for a brand new site or assessing possible areas within...

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